Erm, Zero Beatles Stories listed....

So, guess what happened right before Christmas? Yeah, website melt down. And long story short, it's gone. Kaput. See that menu there? Don't bother clicking on it. It don't go nowhere.(You should always have a database back up. Learn from my mistakes!)

Anyway, don't dispair dear Beatle readers - we shall rise once again... um, in a bit.

In the meantime here's some things to keep you occupied:

Beatles Fan Fic around the interweb -

- Das Liebchen Kind
- Rooftop Sessions
- Jonesingjay fan fic on Wattpad
- And shameless self promotion - My own fan fics - you can get in touch with me via Wattpad too, if you should wish so.

In the words of Mr Schwarzenegger, I'll be back. Soon. I promise!

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