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Some of the most recent additions to The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory:


The Little Twister Girl by  Sabrina
Carol is just a girl who's nothing more than a stay at home worker. But what happens when a childhood friend wishes to meet her once again and tells her something not even her dreams would allow her to imagine.
Beatle: Paul
Genre: Romance
Warnings: Sexual things, swearing
Status: In Progress


The Jabberwocky Club by  blownwish
Paul, Mal Evans and Jane are returning from Safari, figuring out what name to rechristen the Beatles with. Crowley is in the background (the Beast), always lurking.
Beatle: Paul
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Mild occult references
Status: Complete


The Beauty And The Beatle by  babyinblack
Once upon a time, in the faraway England, a young singer lived in a shining hotel. Although he had everything his heart desired, the singer John was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. He falls for a young writer, will he earn her love in return?
Beatle: John
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None
Status: Complete


The Beatles In A Beetle by  Doctor Lennon
Oh God, someone save us. John Lennon's driving. If this weren't 633 words it would be drabble. It's utter nonsense and (I hope) will make you smile. Don't question, there are some things that will be left unexplained and will make no sense to anyone, but this short short short is neither serious nor important, so please forgive me ;)
Beatle: All four Beatles
Genre: Comedy
Warnings: None
Status: Complete


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