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Some of the most recent additions to The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory:


Not Fade Away by  Jonesingjay
Ringo Starr, a young man from the Dingle, one of Liverpool's poorest and roughest neighborhoods has made a good life for himself. A steady gig with Rory Storm and the Hurricane's, a car and money in his pocket. He's feeling restless though. Will befriending Joan Cohen, a young woman of mixed race, change the course of his life?
Beatle: Ringo
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None
Status: In Progress


Come Together by  Jessica
This is a sequel to Coffee Shop ~The Beatles Fanfic Same characters. Hope you enjoy!
Beatle: All four Beatles
Genre: Romance
Warnings: Bad language
Status: In Progress


In My Life (II) by  Jessica
This is about me, Jessica Lennon, growing up with me brother, John Lennon. Some parts of this story was inspired by the movie 'Nowhere Boy' and the Beatles years. Some parts of this story is all about my personal life with John Lennon, and some more people that you may recognize later on in the story.
Beatle: All four Beatles
Genre: Romance
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Sexual Preferences, and Drug Use
Status: In Progress


White Kisses by  James
Set at the height of Beatlemania, Loretta's life flips around when she meets the fab four
Beatle: All four Beatles
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None
Status: Complete


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