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Some of the most recent additions to The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory:


Bad To Me by  Trudyscollection
Ruth Anderson is best friends with George Harrison, and has been since they were wee little kiddies running around the back alleys of Liverpool. Although she has a crush on John Lennon, she can't help but begin to fall for George as well.
Beatle: George
Genre: Romance
Warnings: Swearing, and a wee bit of drinking and smoking.
Status: Complete


You Really Got A Hold On Me by  wormsintheskywithdiamonds
Spell opposites. It's George and Claudia. At first, Claudia is quite hesitant about this new boy and thinks it's weird they are so different but later she realizes that she likes him more than a friend. Or does she...? This just proves that no matter how different you are from the person, you can never fail to fall in love with him.
Beatle: George
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None
Status: Complete


The Last Goodbye by  Miss Raccoon
A short story about one last encounter between friends who never got to say goodbye... sadly it came during another final goodbye.
Beatle: Paul
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None
Status: Complete


Marigolds in the Fall by  Miss Raccoon
A short story where the living and the dead co-exist for one day.
Beatle: George
Genre: Supernatural
Warnings: None
Status: Complete


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